We understand that monotony has no place in the world of flowers. That’s why we’ve crafted an exquisite range of mixtures that celebrates the diversity of species, some of which are truly un-expected delights. Our mixtures offer a variety in colours, heights and plant shapes.

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Our technical mixtures offer a wide range of solutions that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to traditional landscaping, reducing the need for chemical inputs. They are also practical and help cut down maintenance costs while promoting water conservation. We’re always open to collaborating with our customers to find the ideal solution for their project.

Our diverse range of species breaks away from monotony, adding contrasts to gardens. Contrasting colors, varied heights, and different plant forms create an atmosphere distinct from traditional flowerbeds. What captivates most is the ever-evolving display of colors in our flower mixtures, creating a natural, serene, and consistently vibrant ambiance.
Our extensive mixture range now includes those previously owned by H.M. Clause, still available upon request. In collaboration with HM.CLAUSE, EconSeeds, an experienced expert in flower mixtures, has taken over the production, processing, sales, and supply of HM.CLAUSE’s flower mixtures, along with 15 HM.CLAUSE creations related to the mixture recipes. After over a decade in the mixture business, HM.CLAUSE has discontinued this activity.

Thanks to Bertrand’s team’s expertise and collaboration with numerous partners, our mixtures have continually evolved to meet the challenges of sustainable development. Flower mixtures have now gained recognition from scientists and ecologists for their role in promoting biodiversity. Our latest creations offer practical solutions to support the transition to pesticide-free practices in communities.

Native / Wild

EconSeeds is proud to introduce a new line of mixtures that supports native flora and fauna. These mixtures prioritize biodiversity and environmental protection, created with native plant species. We understand the challenges of preserving our planet and local genetic diversity. Our commitment to transparency means we work closely with customers to meet their specific needs.