In October 2016, EconSeeds proudly acquired the renowned BERTRAND brand, a distinguished flower seed producer with a legacy dating back to 1947. Bertrand is targeted at the flower horticulture and landscaping market. This strategic move marked a significant milestone, complementing EconSeeds’ establishment of state-of-the-art seed production facilities in the picturesque Loire Valley, France, where they specialize in production contracts for flower and vegetable seeds.


In development: our new brand. Stay tuned for our upcoming new brand, a testament to our commitment to biodiversity, sustainability and quality.

As a devotion to our commitment and mission, we are proud to announce the development of a new line of local plant mixtures, exclusively featuring native plant species. These species are not only produced but, whenever possible, sourced from our customers’ very own eco-regions and refer to a group of interdependent organisms interacting in the same habitat. This approach enables us to contribute to the preservation of genetic diversity within local plant populations.

At EconSeeds, we consider it our moral duty to champion biodiversity and protect our environment. Recognizing the challenges facing our planet, we believe it’s time to rethink how our products are made and their impact on the environment. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to prioritize the sourcing and supply of autochthonous plant genetics whenever feasible. Keep a close watch on our website on our website as more exciting information is coming soon!