Our organization specializes in the production and global distribution of premium flower seeds, mixtures and vegetables, catering to esteemed seed companies and distributors across the globe. We prioritize the provision of top-quality seeds, with a primary focus on cut flowers, perennial plants, bedding plants, and innovative (open-pollinated) annuals for direct seeding. We also have an exquisite line for the professional landscaper of decorative and wild mixtures. Additionally, we offer contract production services for flower and vegetable seeds. Established in 2008, EconSeeds BV has been dedicated to delivering excellence in the seed industry.


Our Vision: Nurturing a Colourful and Sustainable World

We envision a world where flowers and plants enhances human lives and the natural world. Our extensive range is dedicated to preserving a rich tapestry of colours, scents, and flavours for current and future generations. Through our flowers and plants, we champion biodiversity, fostering a vibrant and sustainable world. It forms the core of everything we do: preserving diversity and fostering biodiversity for the present and future generations

Our Mission: The Heart of Our Commitment

We produce high-quality “open-pollinated” seeds of flowers and plants in France and The Netherlands, closely managing selection, production, cleaning, quality control, processing, and sales. We also offer packaging, promotion, and information services, setting us apart in the sector. Our dedicated team and network prioritize safe working conditions and personal development. We’re committed to sustainability, reducing non-biological resources, increasing organic production, and minimizing waste. Our products enhance biodiversity and connect people with nature.
At EconSeeds, our vision and mission are not just words; they are our compass, guiding us towards a world that is colourful and sustainable.

Our team is a diverse mixture of talents, spanning across The Netherlands and France, repre-senting several nationalities. In recent years, we’ve experienced rapid growth and welcomed fresh faces to our Econseed family. This blend of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm is happy to be at your service.

Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with the right person for your project.


We cater to a wide spectrum of markets to meet your unique needs:

  • Flori- en Horticulture: We specialize in supplying high-quality seeds for cut and dry flowers and pot plants, serving resellers and distributors.
  • Landscaping: For landscapes and public areas, our products are trusted by professional distributors to create stunning outdoor spaces.
  • Agriculture: Our seeds are essential for landscaping and preserving ecosystems. Professional distributors rely on us to nurture sustainable environments.
  • Home Garden: Discover our pictorial seed packets, perfect for hobby packers, mail-order companies, and wholesale customers.