EconSeeds has successfully taken over the activities related to the HM.CLAUSE’s flower mixtures

HM.CLAUSE and EconSeeds are proud to announce that since July 29th. 2021 EconSeeds has taken over the activities related to the HM.CLAUSE’s flower mixtures.

The flower mixture activities of HM.CLAUSE have developed strongly over the years. In order to better serve mix-flowers customers, HM.CLAUSE has decided to examinate the options to transfer this range of products to a company that has a professional expertise in the flower mixture activities and is able to serve efficiently the increasing demand in the HM.CLAUSE flower mixtures .

Advantages for partners and customers  

In mutual agreement with HM.CLAUSE, EconSeeds, as a company with years of experience in flower mixtures,  has taken over the production, processing, sales and supply of HM.CLAUSE’s flower mixtures, including also 15 of HM.CLAUSE obtentions related to the flower mixture recipes. After more than 10 years of business in mixtures, HM.CLAUSE will no longer continue this activity.

After years of increasing demand on our range of flower mixtures and in order to support its continuous development, we decided to transfer this activity to Econseeds, a strong and knowledgeable player in this activity.”, Loïc Boucher, Sales Manager of HM.CLAUSE France tells.

HM.CLAUSE continues producing and supplying its historical range of flower obtentions.

EconSeeds is a well-known professional seed company established in 2008 with a historic track record as a producer and -supplier of seeds to seed- and wholesale companies worldwide. The takeover will strengthen the existing mixing activities of Econseeds. 

A shared vision for both producer and customer benefit

This takeover represents an important strategic opportunity for EconSeeds, who will maintain and develop the HM.CLAUSE mix assortment. Main goals are to continue and improve where possible the current service level and maintain client specific requirements in flower mixtures and packages. EconSeeds ambitions are to set out the specific requirements for each customer and determine how to support them the best way possible. To do so, EconSeeds also would like to continue the current cooperation with producers and vendors of seeds used in these flower mixtures.

We are really delighted that we succeeded this take over, in line with our ambition to grow in our mixing activities. We look forward to work together with our new clients, producers, and vendors, as they are part of the network making this takeover a success for all of us. With all our energy we will work hard to make it work.”, Hans Veenstra and Hubert Keller, Managing Directors of Econseeds explains.

The takeover is effective since July 29th and a transition period is actively on-going in order to be fully effective from September 1st 2021. Orders will from now on be taken by EconSeeds.

EconSeeds is looking forward continuing the activities related to the supply of flower mixtures and act to meet clients’ satisfaction.

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